Explore the curriculum I've created
Create Upcycled Costumes
Inspired by Bisa's Carnaval
Exploring Materials to Make (Non-edible) Food
Inspired by When Lola Visits
Make and Shake Maracas
Inspired by You Come From Greatness
Make Tactile Emotes
Inspired by The Year We Learned to Fly
Make Paper Dollhouses
Inspired by Magic Trash
Create "Perfect" Circles
Inspired by CLASSIFIED: The Secret
Career of Mary Golda Ross
Express the void within
Inspired by The Void
Make Pom-Poms
Inspired by Be Amazing
Map Out Your Community
Inspired by Paletero Man
Make Cardboard Planes
with Slot Construction
Inspired by The Fearless
Flights of Hazel Ying Lee
Make Paper Sculptures
Inspired by A Life Made by Hand:
The Story of Ruth Asawa
Boxitecture Design
Inspired by Boxitects
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