I'm a Los Angeles-raised Filipino girl, with dreams as big as Jupiter and a heart as delicate as your kitchen's smoke detector.
I specialize in making tactile products, print media and designing digital spaces.
I believe in three core values, in which I strive to be better at everyday:   KindnessBravery and Respect.
I’m known for my versatility. I work in both digital and physical spaces, but my colleagues know that I have the most fun working in tactile methodologies and formats. I feel the most alive when I work with my hands
My work is rooted in kindness. I prioritize empathy when working with others, but I also uphold the importance of honesty. I value the integrity of my work and do my part, which makes me a valuable collaborator. I make multiple iterations of my projects to ensure that I’m stretching my ideas as far as they can go so I can deliver the best final deliverable a project deserves.
When people think of my work, they think of the energy of Electronic Dance Music and positivity, because my work is often inspired by the music I listen to. I like to share these energies with others through my work and choice of color.
The personality of my work is optimistic, with a vibrant tone. My work exhibits and influences an experience of happiness, and sometimes empathy for the moments that aren’t as happy.

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